Business Line

Our main business line is a wide variety of steel sheet.aaEnglish sentence here and we have many sorts of them.
We sell about 30,000tons in a month.

banner Construction machinery, various industrial machinery, construction, and civil engineering

Accurate fusing products

banner Hot-rolled steel sheet, cold-rolled steel, such as surface-treated steel sheet

Sheet steel's products goods products

Product line

Business policy

We will respond to every customers need susing HIGH QUALITY and


  • Professional staff will be pleased to suggest the foremost in each theme.
  • We quote a variety of steel products.
  • Our representative will be available in case your company needs assistance.

How to deliver the steel products of your choice


Our company introduced new machine TFPL1084 twister brade that high quality plasma cutting machine in 2012. Because we want to reinforcement of our manufacturing quality and enhancing correspondence limit.


Our company derivers every size products which match customers needs just in time from our factory.


Our company takes on various processing of each steel sheet such as hot-rolled mild steel plates and strips, cold rolled carbon sheet and strips, surface treated steel sheets, etc in accordance with the customers needs.Our company can process slit, leveler, shearing, bending, forming and other processing. It is also available on a just-in-time delivery.Please use our talented network outsourcing based on our many years of experience.